Community Partner Spotlight: Medication Management Clinic

Medication Management Clinic is a non-profit clinic associated with Cone Health that is able to provide free prescription medications for individuals that meet their eligibility criteria. The clinic serves uninsured individuals ages 18-64 years and live at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. Medication Management has served over 900 individuals in the last year with generic and brand name prescriptions. In order to obtain brand name, the clinic submits an application to the drug manufacturer and if denied, will work with the physician to find an alternative. If the patient is approved, they will receive the brand name still with no associated costs.

The clinic is much more than a pharmacy and also provides much more than free medication. Each patient receives thorough evaluations and consultations along with their medications. The goal is for each patient to understand each medication they are taking and when in order to reduce the possibility of adverse side effects. The case manager will also provide wellness education as needed for diet, exercise, and smoking cessation.

The clinic works closely with Open Door Clinic as they are serving a similar population. Around 40% of their patients are referrals from Open Door, however a referral is not needed to access the services of Medication Management. Roughly 16,000 individuals in Alamance County don’t have prescription coverage and Medication Management is making it possible to access free medication.

We were excited to meet with the staff and learn more about all the services they provide and they great work they are doing for Alamance County!