Community Council Recap November 5th

Last week’s Community Council program was focused on the opioid crisis in Alamance County. Guest speakers Ray Vipperman (EMS), Sara Huffman (RHA) and Carolyn Carter (RTSA) walked us through what opioid usage currently looks like in our community. In 2017 alone, over 8 million opioid pills were dispensed in Alamance County and there were 127 overdose ED visits. In response to these numbers, there is wide distribution of Naloxone in the community and increasing access to suboxone/detox treatment.

All 3 speakers are members of the AC Hope task force, which believes no one is without hope and that there is a complete solution to the opioid crisis. The task force is made up of sup groups tackling different focus areas: prevention/education, treatment, harm reduction and policy. If interested in being a part of this work, contact Chloe Donohoe (

We also learned about an NCCARE360 training that is being held on November 19th at Impact Alamance. If your agency is interested in being on boarded and trained, contact Taylor Jones (

We hope to see you all in December at Community Council where we will honor our volunteer nominations and winners!