2-1-1 Success Story

2-1-1 is a 24/7 resource hotline that anyone in the United States can call for assistance. United Way sponsors this free service in hopes to better connect people to the services they need. In the last year, a majority of the calls have been for shelter and rent assistance. We like to share this resource with as many people as possible and have developed a Community Guide to Assistance. This guide (also available in Spanish) is a list of the most frequented agencies referred to by 2-1-1 call centers.

Below is a success story from someone calling 2-1-1 for a friend. We love to hear how 2-1-1 is able to connect people to exactly what they need.

“Doug lives in an urban neighborhood in central North Carolina. He has become friends with his next door neighbor, Chip. Chip is home bound due to a disability and receives meal delivery during the week. As great as the meal delivery is though, Doug worries about Chip not having enough food on the weekends or even extra food for snacks in between meals. Doug is also on a fixed income and he doesn’t have any extra to spare in his own food budget. Doug called 211 to find out if there is a local food pantry nearby where he might be able to get some additional food for his friend and neighbor. The 211 call specialist provided Doug with the information for 3 food pantries within a few miles of his neighborhood. Now, Doug makes a trip every other week to pick up extra food for his friend Chip!”

Share 2-1-1 with friends, family and neighbors because we are all one emergency away from needing these services!