Community Council Announcements

Thank You 2019 Volunteer Winners & Nominees!


On December 3rd we had over 130 people gather to celebrate this year’s volunteer nominees and winners in Alamance County! Each year local nonprofits nominate deserving volunteers to be recognized for their outstanding community service in the community. This year the following people and groups were nominated:

Alice Johansen
Belinda Thomas (winner)
Betsy Adams
Bob Ostrander (winner)
Claire Xu (winner)
Friends of the Alamance County Libraries
Kathy Barry, Jerrie Nall, & Dr. Sam Powell
Linda Moore
Mary Covington
Principal Terri Drummond, Social Workers Shaun Jenkins & Lauren Brookshire (winner)
Stig Egede-Nissen (winner)
Thurmon Leath

We are so thankful for the countless hours each of these volunteers have dedicated to bettering the lives of others. As a congratulations to our winners, LabCorp has graciously agreed to make a $1,000 gift to the charity of choice for each of our five volunteer award winners. Thank you LabCorp for supporting volunteerism in Alamance County!

Attendees were also able to shop around with local non-profit vendors before and after the lunch. We would like to thank the agencies for participating and showcasing their items!

Community Council is a signature program of United Way of Alamance County and has been serving local nonprofits since 1939. Be on the lookout to register for our January 7th meeting! We will be back at Impact Alamance.