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Give an hour.  Give a Saturday.  Give your best.  Be a catalyst for the change you want to see in Alamance County.  We offer many ways for you to give back through our volunteer website, Join us today to create an account and find volunteer opportunities in Alamance that match your interests and skills.


This award is managed by the Community Council of Alamance County, a UWAC program. Any individual, group, business, or organization whose volunteer activities in Alamance County benefit the local community in a substantial, important, and/or a unique way may be nominated.  Nomination Form will be due October 12.  Volunteers will be recognized at the Community Council meeting on Tuesday, November 7.  Before submitting a nomination for a volunteer, please review the rules/guidelines, afterwards complete this form.  Note you will need: contact information (address, phone, email) for yourself as well as for the volunteer and two references.  You will also need information about the volunteer’s service to your agency.

2016 VOLUNTEERS  –  Nominees      &      winners


Pictured from left to right:                                          Pictured from left to right:
Ronald Oakley                                                                 Debarah Wilson
Courtney Weber                                                              Amy Frazier
Dixie Rogers                                                                     Ian Baltutis
Patty Brothers                                                                  Dawn Lloyd
Evelyn S. Apple Scholarship Committee                    Marianela Melendez
   (Bob Demaree representing)
Sharon Justice
Margaret Muegge
Gregory Murray

Not Pictured:
Rev. Linza Layman Coffee
Linda Oakley
Tapco Underwriters of Burlington employees
Krista Welsh
Holland Whitaker