Get Involved


Give an hour.  Give a Saturday.  Give your best.  Be a catalyst for the change you want to see in Alamance County.  Below, you can find links to nonprofit agencies that are in need of donations and volunteers. Check them out and see where your time, talent and treasures can be used to help make CHANGE in Alamance County.

Printable Volunteer Log

Alamance County Meals on Wheels

Alamance County Public Libraries

Allied Churches of Alamance County

Augustine Literacy Project

Benevolence Farm 


Open Door Clinic

Women’s Resource Center of Alamance County


This award is managed by the Community Council of Alamance County, a UWAC program. Any individual, group, business, or organization whose volunteer activities in Alamance County benefit the local community in a substantial, important, and/or a unique way may be nominated.  The Executive Committee of Community Council will choose the top 5 winners of all the nominations. In addition, winners have been honored (and will be again in 2019) with a $1000 donation made to the non-profit of their choice (courtesy of LabCorp).

Nomination forms will be due in November 2020. Please review the rules/guidelines and Tips for Writing an Effect Award Nomination before making a nomination.  Note you will need: contact information (address, phone, email) for yourself as well as for the volunteer and one or two references.  You will also need information about the volunteer’s service to your agency.  You are not able to save the form and go back to it later.  Click here to nominate a volunteer.


Belinda Thomas (winner)
Bob Ostrander (winner)
Claire Xu (winner)
Principal Terri Drummond, Social Workers Shaun Jenkins & Lauren Brookshire (winner)
Stig Egede-Nissen (winner)
Alice Johansen
Betsy Adams
Friends of the Alamance County Libraries
Kathy Barry, Jerrie Nall, and Dr. Sam Powell
Linda Moore
Mary Covington
Thurmon Leath