Community Partner Spotlight: Alamance Partnership for Children

The Alamance Partnership for Children is a non-profit organization located in Burlington that aims to help children be better prepared to enter school. The different programs provide group learning for families or more individualized homes sessions, depending on the needs of the family/child. This organization works with children to strengthen literacy, provide tools for parents, aid parents in finding appropriate child-care and much more. We were able to visit the Alamance Partnership for Children and learn more about the comprehensive programs they offer.

The Incredible Years program is a 16-week class for parents of children that are pre-school/school age and provides assistance with building positive relationships and managing challenging behaviors. The Kaleidoscope program focuses on children 0-5 years and are weekly sessions to promote success in and outside of school. The structure is playgroups for families and their children to promote interaction. Another program offered is the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. This provides children 0-5 with a free book every month until their 5th birthday. Books are mailed directly to their homes to promote reading to children all across the county.

While on our tour, we were able to visit their Outdoor Learning Environment which is an area designed to promote play, but also learning. There is a Storywalk around the the perimeter of the area, as well as a miniature amphitheater and sensory garden. Children can pick blueberries or muscadine grapes during the summer while they play. The area is open to the public and used by the organization for many of their programs. This playground-alternative provides outdoor fun for children of various ages.

This is just a snapshot of the great work that the Alamance Partnership for Children is doing in our county, for more information visit here, and for volunteer opportunities visit here.