Community Partner Spotlight: CrossRoads: Sexual Assault Response & Resource Center

CrossRoads and Alamance for Freedom joined forces last summer by merging two separate agencies, where Alamance for Freedom became the human trafficking program at CrossRoads. For many years the two organizations have partnered with one another and have been co-located, since Alamance for Freedom used office space in the CrossRoads building.

By taking a collective impact approach CrossRoads is able to expand reach within the intersectionality of victimization. “When a client comes in to receive services for one type of victimization we are able to work across all of our programs to ensure that the client receives all necessary services,” explains Rebecca Price, Executive Director.

For example, a person may present as a victim of human trafficking. So, that person will receive services through that program. These services might include helping to find housing and transportation to that safe housing, court and law enforcement advocacy, and helping to find an attorney who may be able to assist with any civil issues that may be ongoing because of the victimization. However, that person might have also been a victim of sexual violence either at the present or in the past. So, through our program that assists victims of sexual violence, we can get the person involved in support groups or therapy, as well as find out if there are other issues related to that sexual violence where we can find supports within our agency or with community partners.

“Additionally, in some cases that same person may have children that were either witnesses to the violence on their parent or were victims of violence themselves. We are able to provide services to those children, including therapy, child advocacy, and assistance with advocating for the child in schools if there are needs that the child has that the school is able to provide.”

This is just a small example of how we work so well together as one agency to provide everything that this person who has been victimized might need so that he or she can begin the healing process.  CrossRoads has also developed new support groups for children, adults and youth at-risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

CrossRoads envisions a world where all survivors of sexual violence, child maltreatment, and human trafficking attain hope and healing, offenders are held accountable, and individuals are empowered to create an atmosphere in their communities where families thrive. We want to bring hope and healing to people who are victims and look forward to continuing to find more ways to serve the people of Alamance and Caswell counties.

Stories like this show what collaborative partnerships can do in building resilient communities.  Nonprofit agencies in our area are learning that aligning efforts around shared goals is the best way to improve outcomes.

CrossRoads has received financial support over the last several years from the Community Fund at United Way of Alamance County.

United Way of Alamance County works to bring organizations, donors, and volunteers together to align efforts for the most significant impact. By uniting resources to meet focused goals, our community will thrive.

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