A collaborative approach to controlling diabetes

Jim has had a tough time coming to terms with illness.  On top of that, healthcare and medications are often not affordable which can impact his quality of life.

Thankfully, local providers are using a team approach to help patients, like Jim, effectively cope with the demands of complex chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

Success comes with life-style changes and controlling A1C values. A collaborative approach broadens delivery of care by expanding the health care team to include several types of health care professionals.  This leads to improved health outcomes and a better quality of life for patients.

Open Door Clinic and Medication Management Clinic are using a team approach when caring for people with diabetes. Community-based care providers at Open Door Clinic collaborate with the pharmacists at Medication Management to develop an individualized medication plan to improve diabetic patients’ glycemic values. This multidisciplinary team approach is critical to the success in diabetes care and the medication regimen for patients. Patients attest to the positive impact this approach has made in their diabetes management, leading to improved A1C values and health outcomes.

Jim is a patient that has benefited from this team approach. He is thankful that Open Door Clinic and Medication Management Clinic are actively working together in his ongoing treatment and medication management for his chronic disease state. He feels their collaborative efforts are the reason his A1C values have dropped from 13.2 to 9.1 in a little over a four-month period. In addition, he has a better understanding of how to use his medications properly, which helps improve his A1C values.

Jim further explains being very grateful to the health care professionals at Open Door Clinic for their thorough assessments and continuous monitoring of his diabetes. All of his visits at Open Door Clinic are free. Also, he appreciates receiving medication assistance from Medication Management Clinic for all of his needed medications. Medications given to Jim from Medication Management Clinic are provided at no cost. The retail value of Jim’s monthly medications are $2,693.00. Having access to care through Open Door Clinic and obtaining medications from Medication Management Clinic has not only improved Jim’s health outcomes, but also a better quality of life.

Stories like Jim’s show what collaborative partnerships can do. Nonprofit agencies in our area are learning that aligning efforts around shared goals is the best way to improve outcomes.

The financial support over the last several years from the Community Fund at United Way of Alamance County has helped Open Door Clinic and Medication Management to improve health outcomes by providing access to healthcare.

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